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Ian Riley
This tool sounds amazing and I'm very impressed. Unfortunately I do not have any Apple/iOS devices (nor plan to get ...
Ian Riley Jan '22

Hi Ian, thank you.  There are no plans to create an Android version of the AFTA app at this time. Apologies for any ...

Edward Neffinger
I signed up a PPL candidate today who was already an AOPA member.  He subscribed through the signup page on AOPA ( ...
AOPA Admin AOPA Admin Jun '21
Hi Ed, I think I worked with you on this.  Please let me know.  I believe you successfully added that student after we ...
Edward Neffinger
Will AFTA work on any iPad and IoS?   Thanks Ed
AOPA Admin AOPA Admin Jun '21
Hello Ed, another good question.  AFTA will run on almost any iPad/iOS.  We can only actually support from iOS 12 ...
William Browning
I don't have a simulator at my school, but I can see that I can add aircraft under here as well. Why would I do this? I ...
AOPA Admin AOPA Admin May '21
William, thank you for your question. The airplane asset is a remnant of the original build before we integrated ...
John Hamilton
Can I enter a student that has already started training?
John Hamilton Mar '21
Yes sir.  Any student can be added to AFTA at any time.  A new student to your school with hours to a currently ...
Rachel Kardos
I'm interested in seeing the homework that is assigned.  Can I see all of the homework that is assigned by the ...
Rachel Kardos Mar '21
Absolutely!  We like to call that Prep.  Any owner, student, or CFI can see all prep for each activity within AFTA by ...
Kayla Upchurch
New to using the system and I can't seem to find the lesson prep my instructor assigned to me. Can you help point me in ...
Kayla Upchurch Mar '21
Yes of course.  All assigned prep, whether it's by the system or by your instructor will be displayed on your ...
Logan Summers
I was wondering, what’s the difference between prep and resources? Thanks,
Logan Summers Mar '21
Great question.  Prep is the AFTA term for homework.  Prep is what is assigned after each lesson is created.  Every ...
Charles Lehman
Do I have to do the lesson as assigned? Can I add my own activity?
Charles Lehman Mar '21
Absolutely.  Lessons are created based on the instructor's feedback.  The instructor grades activities in a ...
James Fraley
As an owner can I add my own homework for students?
James Fraley Mar '21
Absolutely, homework, or Prep as it's called in AFTA is assigned based on activities assigned, however, an owner ...

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