FAA continued lies about the forums and hangar:
Well, after the initial obfusactory lies about security being the issue with forums.aopa.org, AOPA continues to perpetrate lies about these forums. I could almost accept the changes if they would be frank with the membership instead of feeding us a load of bull.

We understand that new software isn't always easy to learn--like going from steam gauges to glass in the airplane.

Nope, it's more like the reverse.   These forums are clunky and lacking functionaity.

But the airplane flies the same regardless of what instruments you are looking at. As part of our mission at AOPA to attract more pilots to general aviation, we found the Hangar to be more inviting, and have welcomed many new pilots into those discussions.

Then why aren't the same topics provided?    Where's the medical forum other than ":basic med?"    Where's the discussion of instrument flight (the main reason I came to the AOPA forums to begin with)?    Where is the function to read all threads with unread content?   Why do I have to dig through each discussion to see if anything changed?   Where are private messages?    Why do I have to join all these groups (only to find they are mostly empty anyhow)?

Thousands are using it a month

That's demonstrably untrue if you look at the view counts on the discussions and just the number of people who have managed to even find it.   The numbers on even the moribund forums top this.

This disingenuous disrespect of the member is endemic at AOPA and one of the reasons I'll not be renewing my membership.
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I assume that you meant to type "AOPA" in your title. I doubt the FAA has anything to do with the forum or "the Hanger".
Jeff King
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And where is the ASN forum?
One of the differences between this "forum" and even the Red board compared to what the EAA is doing is that the EAA forums have the EAA staff, everybody from the IT guys up to legal affairs who read and participate.    I haven't EVER seen an AOPA employee participate in anything other than MEMBER SERVICES spouting the party line.

I'm in the process of running for President of an "interest group" sort of on par with AOPA (albeit with a much smaller membership).   I'm certainly learning about all the ways NOT to run an organization.