FBO's bought and run by Atlantic Aviation
I live in Colorado and use my plane for business mostly, I have had to go to places like Aspen, Durango, Farmington. I have had two different experiences with Aspen. On one day I was greated at the counter and obtained a crew car, I used ot for an hour, brought the keys in and asked what I owed, I was told nothing today. So off I went. two weeks later I received a bill for $13.00 landing fee from the airport. Ok so I paid this, it was reasonable. Three weeks later I had to go back to Aspen and this time when I returned my crew car, I was charged $40.00 for landing and using the facilities. I was again presented , tow weeks later another bill for $13.00 landing fee. Nothing consistant. 
Now I do not mind paying something to these FBO's for the use of a car and facilities, what I do mind is when you are charged the same rate even if you do not use a crew car, just a potty stop. Most airports I fly into are very gracious and understanding. 
Gunnison Co, if you stay over an hour, you are charged an additional $10.00 from the county. 
Telluride Co, $6.00 landing fee
Eagle Co, is awesome no fee for landing for light singles. 
Farmington NM, a bit different, Park by the green hangers and walk a distance to the FBO, no fees, park in front of the FBO you are charged close to $50.00, Atlantic aviation,I contested this with them and since I fly there often, they have been able to reduce that cost. The line crew is great and the crew cars are nice. 
I understand the need to charge something for the use of cars and facilities, the fuel prices are all over the board. Over $6.00 a gal in Eagle, and $4.75 in Aztec NM, which is a short distance from Farmington, NM which charges $5.95 a gallon. So do your research before landing and make sure you have the fuel you need to get to another place to fuel up. 
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I also live in Colorado.  I fly frequently from KAPA (Denver, Centennial) to KASE and don't require any services from Atlantic.  I have asked AOPA to put this airport on their list to request that the airport have a small, transient parking area for pilots that don't need any services from Atlantic.  I understand that the airport authority has contracted with Vector to send me a bill based upon $6.75 per 1000lbs aircraft MTOGW for every landing.  Then, there is the "Security Fee" of $25 that Atlantic charges and the ramp fee and the overnight fee and the facility fee (waived w/ min fuel purchase) and the ..........   This airport is a very expensive one to land at if you are the average "working" pilot.

We need AOPA's Advocacy department to help the few of us left that continue to enjoy flying into this public use airport.  I realize that most people flying into Aspen are wealthy and riding in the back, but, if the airport could find space for transients to park without being priced out of the market, you would see that more pilots would come back to visit KASE.

AOPA, please press the issue with KASE and fight for an area where we can park without having to interact with Atlantic!  I'm sure that KASE has received many public funds for airport improvement and should be able to carve out a parking space or two on the north end of the field, away from all.