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Was trying to fly into FXE for a cruise and was unaware that the Super Bowl would affect me. I was flabbergasted was each FBO wanted $1200 to $1500 to park plus fees due to the event and they stated the FAA mandated the fees. luckily, my plane isn’t a jet and I found a airport with short runways that had much more reasonable prices. I included the email for your perusal. 

We are restricted by the FAA from January 29th thru February 3rd due to the Superbowl event in Miami.  In order to arrive on January 30th you would have to reserve a 1 hour time slot which is a non refundable $1200 slot fee.  Also our ramp fees are also doubled.  You would be ok for departure though after February 3rd.  I have attached our informational sheet to this email.  Please let us know if we may be of any further assistance.

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Ronald Levy
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I believe you misread that message as regards the FAA and the fees.  The FAA does not mandate parking fees.  All they do is create restrictions on flights into/out of those airports during the period.  It is the FBO's themselves who take advantage of the extraordinary demand for parking to create those fees.