Reaction to AOPA's Three Part 13 Complaints
Today, AOPA posted a story pulling together many of the reactions in the press and from pilots to the three Part 13 complaints we recently filed over egregious pricing practices that affect access. I hope you have a moment to read the story and share your thoughts and experiences.  
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Ronald Levy
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And all three are $ignature Flight $upport facilities -- not at all surprising for anyone who flies a lot of different places.
Signature Mobile (KMOB) has a monopoly on the field. 
They charge me $220 Handling fee, $161.20/ nite for hangar, $37.44/nite ramp, Plus an infastructure fee of $35. All that and $6.53 for JetA without additive.
They have also monopolized the other (downtown) airport in Mobile for the same fees / prices.
I don't blame them for the predatory pricing as much as I do the Airport Authority (City of Mobile) for allowing it. 
What is their reasoning for allowing this?
I am forced to take my business elsewhere.
Just "kissing the Tampa ramp" to ask about fees, was forced to pay $80 ramp fee to $ignature.  Had to divert to Tampa due to weather delay putting us just after curfew at primary airport. Told we cannot leave until we pay $80 or buy overpriced 100LL.  To make matters worse, if we did not leave in 15 minutes we would have to pay another exorbitant "after hours" fee.

Avoid ANY ramp serviced by Signature!


If you run across pricing & fees that you feel are exorbitant please take time to complete the following form on the AOPA website.  FBO Pricing & Ramp Fee Transparency Experience (