BasicMed physical exams

We are often asked if a Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant can “perform” a BasicMed physical exam. Per the language in AC 68-1, the exam is to be performed by a “state licensed physician," but the NP or PA may “assist” with the exam, as long as the form is signed by the MD or DO.  There is no definition of “assist” so as long as the form is signed by the physician, you should be fine.

“All state-licensed physicians are qualified to perform a BasicMed exam. Advanced practice providers, such as a CRNP (nurse practitioners) or Physician Assistant (PA), may assist with the exam but only a state-licensed physician may make the final signature affirmation on the checklist.”


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Also, from the BasicMed FAQs.

Q46: Can a physician extender (such as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant) conduct the medical exam?

A: A physician extender is a health care provider who is not a physician but who performs some medical activities typically done by a physician. Physician extender practice privileges and requirements for physician supervision vary by state. Physician extenders are generally nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Registered nurses, medical technicians, and medical support personnel also assist with certain elements of an examination but are not considered physician extenders. Section 2307 of FESSA did not specifically exclude participation of a physician extender. However, under BasicMed the physician is responsible for conducting the medical examination and must be the signatory on the CMEC.