Does AOPA have a STC to operate the PA-32-260 or PA-32-300 under the BasicMed regulations?

We occasionally get asked as to whether we have a STC to operate the PA-32-260 or PA-32-300 under the BasicMed regulations and the answer to that question is no we do not.  The reason is because a STC is not necessary as long as the Piper 7th seat kit has not been added.  If it has been added, it simply needs to be removed and noted in the aircraft logbooks.  The FAA discussed this question in the BasicMed FAQs that were published in May 2017.

Q33: Are PA-32 (Piper Cherokee Six series aircraft) “authorized to carry not more than 6 occupants”? 

A: The Piper PA-32-260 (Cherokee Six 260) and PA-32-300 (Cherokee Six 300) aircraft are authorized by their type certificate (as set forth in Type Certificate Data [TCDS] A3SO) to be equipped with 6 seats and also to be equipped with 7 seats only if they have been converted by the installation of Piper Kit No. 69072-3. If your PA-32-260 or PA-32-300 is equipped with 6 seats and has not been converted to a 7-seat configuration by installation of the Piper kit, you may fly the aircraft under BasicMed. If your aircraft has been converted to the 7-seat configuration using the Piper kit you may not fly the aircraft under BasicMed. To fly that aircraft under BasicMed you would have to remove the installed kit and document its removal in the aircraft’s maintenance records. An FAA Form 337 would not be required to document the installation or removal of the kit. You may also fly the aircraft under BasicMed if it is equipped with the 6-seat Optional Club Seat configuration.

We do have a STC for the PA-32R-300, PA-32RT-300, PA-32RT-300T, PA-32R-301, PA-32R-301T, PA-32-301, and PA-32-301T.  AOPA offers this STC to its members free of charge. 

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Good info IB, but I would like to expand this just a little.

AOPA does have a STC for the seven PA-32 models listed in the last paragraph. AOPA also provides the required unique letter of authorization for each aircraft along with the STC document.

Here is the important point - those seven models are FAA type certificated as 7-place airplanes. Even though most members we talk to tell us they have only six seats in their airplane, these models are actually certificated as 7-place. Because of that reason, the STC is required. For those who do have the seventh seat installed, it must be removed prior to flying under basic med.

The Cherokee Six 260 and 300 are certificated as both 6 and 7-place airplanes, so as long as there is no 7th seat, or the 7th seat is removed, the STC is not needed, and is why AOPA does not have one for these two birds.