Time to receive a response on Special Issuance

My letter for re-issuance of my SI stated to have all information submitted 60 days before expiration to avoid a lapse in the medical certificate. I submitted the requested medical reports on March 16, 2022, 75 days ahead of time, and 125 days later, I am grounded. The only response I can get is, “it is in review.”
I have been tied up with this broken system for the past six years, and it has only become more cumbersome. Perhaps this is a good issue for AOPA to tackle. How about holding the medical review office accountable for performance?

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Ronald Levy
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@Robert Hollaender II
At least, since your application hasn't been denied, unless your medical problem is one of the SI-required types (cardiac, neurological, mental), you can run to your personal physician and go Basic Med in the interim.  BTDT, and eventually it was issued.

@Ronald Levy
Not sure that would work for me, my insurance will not cover me if I go basic med. 

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@Robert Hollaender II have you verified that with your insurance company?  Some insurance providers will require the physical be done annually instead of every four years but will still provide coverage.

Hi Gertrude,
 Yes I have asked. They say because it is high performance, pressurized, capable of flying above 180  they will not. 
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