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I am new to the forums here but have been a pilot and an AOPA member for 26 years. I am also the drummer in a busy Eagles tribute band, Eaglemania, and have been fortunate to be able to travel around the country with the band. I decided to document these trips in my Piper Meridian because of the challenge of planning a flight when I HAVE to be somewhere. My Vlog goes through the planning and contingencies, the actual flying, and some about the band, where we play, and our fans.

Here is the trailer:

Direct link to the channel:

Enjoy and glad I found this forum!
Jon Weiswasser
Life in the Fast Lane
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I've watched all of Jon's videos and they have high production values and very high aviation value.  
Here's episode 9, KCDW to KLWM. Night return back to Caldwell, VIP in the air over NYC, and a trip gets canceled due to icing.