CA Check-Ins
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Check-in's for the state of California
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Small but friendly untowered airport. Great food right at the airport and soon right across the street.
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Daily commute from KEDU to KPAO.
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Newly paved runway. FOB
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My local airport Very cool airport near the ocean...pattern takes you all the way to the ocean
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Nice little airpark...RWY 18 drop off before threahold
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Great, friendly airport in the Sierras. There are 2 towns close by. Both Nevada City and Grass Valley are historic gold mining towns with a rich past and a great place to visit today to browse the shops and have some amazing food. You will need to take a 5 min cab ride or get an Uber. Unfortunately, there aren’t any crew care available.
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Clean bathroom...use ATIS for code Easy fuel stop Tower friendly Cmon down!
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Great tower Fun airport
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Brad A. Checking In @ San Bernardino International Airport
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Not much experience with most of the airport other than with the really great folks at Advantage Aviation and my instructor. The ground and tower folks are really nice. The runway is shorter but decent, the location is beautiful: the pattern is over San Francisco Bay. Some noise abatment stuff and the ever present threat of birds. However, its a great airport. There are some minor construction projects happening here and there with the taxiways, but it all runs pretty smoothly anyway. The fuel truck folks are super nice and conpetent.