Question about activating VFR flight plan after departing uncontrolled field.
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Answered By AOPA
You’ve just leveled off at your cruising altitude for a 3 hour cross country. You departed your local uncontrolled field and now need to open/activate your VFR flight plan (you remembered to file one right?). The closest VOR to you, Montebello, has Leesburg listed as the FSS and lists 122.1R as the only contact frequency. The frequency for the Montebello VOR is 115.3. How are you going to contact Leesburg Radio to activate your flight plan?
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AOPA Staff Answer
First you will tune in 122.1 into your comm radio and 115.3 into the nav radio. You will transmit to Leesburg radio on 122.1 and you will listen for their reply over the identification feature on the VOR frequency, 115.3. On your initial call up you will announce to Leesburg that you are transmitting on 122.1 and receiving over 115.3, so they know which frequencies you are attempting to use and how to reply to you. AOPA has an article with this and some other tips for using FSS on our website; .