Question about adding a class to an existing rating.
Answered By AOPA
You’ve decided that you’re finally going to get the multi-engine add-on you’ve been thinking about for years. You’re worried that you’re going to have to repeat all of the cross country flights and various other requirements that were needed for your single-engine certificate. When you add a class to an existing rating do you need to meet all applicable aeronautical experience requirements required by part 61?
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AOPA Staff Answer
In this circumstance you would not need to repeat the cross country flights or other requirements listed in FAR 61.109. Normally when adding a class to an existing pilot certificate you do not need to meet the specified training requirements under part 61. You would only be required to meet the experience requirements if you have a lighter-than-air category rating in a balloon and you’re seeking an airship class rating. You would still be required to obtain the correct endorsements and pass the practical test, but you would not need to take another knowledge test. Adding an additional class is a good way to challenge yourself, increase your knowledge, and get back into flying if it’s been a few years. The FAR that addresses this is 61.63 (c); .