AFSP Training Question
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Hi Everyone,
 Iam a CFI and we have a Flying Club. One of my co-workers at the Aviation business I work at is from Italy. He wants to join the flying club (we have a corporate account.) and learn to fly. Is it possible for a Non-Flight school (Basically just a CFI)  to get approval to be a AFSP Provider? He thought he could fly with anyone as long as the provider (ie ME) is approved. I am/was thinking that you MUST be a flight school. Any help with this would be appreciated.
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Yes, it's possible, as an individual CFI not working for a traditional school is considered a "flight school" for Part 1552 purposes.
Flight school means any pilot school, flight training center, air carrier flight training facility, or flight instructor certificated under 14 CFR part 61, 121, 135, 141, or 142; or any other person or entity that provides instruction under 49 U.S.C. Subtitle VII, Part A, in the operation of any aircraft or aircraft simulator.  [emphasis added]

However, it's neither simple nor easy, so there aren't many individual CFI's doing it.  One further problem is that unless your club gets itself approved as an AFSP school with all the CFI's involved listed as that school's staff, each CFI involved would have to be so designated, individually, and your Italian friend would have to get approved separately for each instructor (including all the paperwork and another fee).  I instruct for Professional Instrument Courses, which did for a few years do AFSP training for some foreign nationals, but ceased doing AFSP because we found the expense of doing it was more than the profit it returned.