Got a 'Notice to Cease and Desist' email from my earlier flight school to remove all my reviews in Yelp, Facebook & Google within 48 hours.
Hi All,

I got an email from Scottsdale Executive Flight training, my earlier flight school with a 'Notice to cease and desist' and remove all my reviews in Yelp, Facebook and google. 


What should I do now? Please help. 
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Stop posting until you obtain legal advice from a licensed attorney.  If you're an AOPA Legal Services (Pilot Protection) Plan subscriber, contact them to get hooked up with an appropriate attorney.
Their email also mentions to remove all the reviews within 48 hours. Should I have to do that as well? 
Ask your lawyer.

But I will say that if you were charged for 1.5 hours of ground training and have the bills to prove it, there should be a ground training entry in your logbook for those 1.5 hours including what was covered and the instructor's signature.  If there's no entry for that, you should mention that to your attorney, as there may be leverage to make them back off, since the FAR's require an entry in the trainee's logbook for all training given.
There are no entries in the logbook for those billings as none were provided.
Be sure to tell your attorney about that.

I will say that I rarely give any flight training without some accompanying ground training, and I do charge for all the time I give training both ground and flight training.  If your instructor conducted preflight/postflight ground training (briefing/debriefing), then charging for that time is appropriate.  But by the FAR's there must be an entry in your logbook for that ground training as well as the flight training. You can bet your boots i absolutely make those entries in my trainees' logbooks for both the ground and flight training IAW 14 CFR 61.51.  And if you were training under Part 141, that ground training must also be recorded in your school training record.
Usually the other instructors do markdown like 0.2 to 0.5 hours for briefing / debriefing even though we don't spend more than 2-5 mins on that and log book signing. I am fine with that. But 1.5 hours is just ridiculous. After a bit of debate they did agreed to knock off some hours but it was a challenge.