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So I am looking to further my training but don't have finances. I've applied for loans and scholarships but so far I've haven't gotten far. Any leads?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Waylon,

AOPA has written several articles on this topic, here are a few: Those articles cover a bunch of options for you. You can always try to attend a school that also has a degree program, allowing you to use student loans to pay for flight training (but you would also be pursuing a degree). Another option is also the military, even if you don't end up being a military pilot, you could use your education benefits after you get out to pay for flight training.

There are very few pilots out there that were able to get their flight training paid for in one shot, and fewer still that didn't need to use loans or earn scholarships to help out.

Keep at it, because if it's something you want you'll find a way of getting it done. I wish you good luck.