In need of a CFI for a rusty pilot checing out a new/different pilot, Louisiana?
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I am a member of the Short Wing Club and had a recent request from a rusty pilot wanting a check out, flight review in a PA-22-108, Colt. Since I am in a Kansas and he is
in Louisiana, I referenced the local FISDO for a possible CFI that would work with him.  I thought that the AOPA as well as the FAA ha listings by state of active CFIs.
Am I in error or just not being at find the information desired.  Thanks.  Jim Price, K78
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Jim,

I would recommend using the flight instructor database that the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) links to/uses; . That site will allow your rusty pilot to look for the right type of CFI (tailwheel), in their area, without having to sift through many single engine CFIs that don't fit the bill.

AOPA did have an instructor database many years ago, but it was removed when it became out of date and difficult to manage/keep up to date. The FAA does have a listing of pilots, but not one that gets you to a listing of CFIs, let alone getting you a listing of tailwheel CFIs. Hope this information helps and the rusty pilot gets back into the air.