***Flight Training - PPL (Private Pilot License)***
Hello Aviation Community, Friends and Family! My name is Alexis and I am a 31 year old aspiring pilot from Miami, FL. Ever since I left Cuba in 1999 to come to US and I got on my first plane ride EVER it was Love at First Sight , A 9 year old boy who never seen a plane or rode one before was just amazed by its look, power, sensation and overall feeling of taking over the skies. As soon as I got into High School, I went into George T. Baker Aviation School in Miami, FL. Due to having good grades and having the ability to, I joined the school. It was free and I was already getting my feet wet into the Aviation World! Right after High School I wasn’t able to keep going to GTB since I would have to pay out of pocket and either way I wanted to fly the plane not fixed it, though I look back now and I’m thankful since I was able to learn the basics of HOW A PLANE FLIES and how the Power Plant works. As soon as I got my first job, I started saving money as I had in my plans to start Flight Training and take over the skies. God blessed me with my beautiful family and my babies and it was such a blessing I put my dream of flying and going after my Aviation Career on standby to be able to support and sustain my family! I recently open those dreams of getting back to what I dreamed of since I was 9. Instead of looking UP to planes I wanted to look DOWN to earth so I went ahead and started training for my PPL with Pilot Training Center of North Miami (PTC) out of KOPF (Opa-Locka Airport).

While I have passed 20 hrs., did my First Solo under 20 hrs. and also started working on Cross Country already, unfortunately, I hit the financial barrier of High Cost of Flight Training. On average, the PPL (Private Pilot License) in Miami, FL is around $8K to $12K and I’m working extremely hard and doing most of the study on my own in order to finish my PPL in the low cost end of the “Average”. I would like to get my PPL right away to start accumulating hours and take over the skies as soon as possible to then start working on my Instrument Training.

I want to share with you my First Solo EVER. You can see the adrenaline and all those years of wait in which all my dreams came true in matters of minutes when I took over the skies of Miami to accomplish my FIRST SOLO EVER. I also included some pictures I have from some of my flights including some of my Pattern Work out of KOPF. I have plans of putting up Videos as I go on with my Training so also PLEASE Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can see your contribution come to life as I work on completing my PPL. Anything you contribute today from $1 to anything you can towards my goal of accomplishing my Flight Training is a blessing to me and may God multiply your contribution to young man full of ambition to work hard towards his dream.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Alexis Perez

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