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This is probably a long shot but is there any leads on getting a loan to finish receiving my commercial pilots license as a full time student. I've tried with many places and any help would be appreciated.
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AOPA Aviation Finance Company offers students of all types up to $100,000 for flight training. The AOPA flexible aviation loan can be used for any flight school and any certificate or rating. You can get all the details, qualification requirements, and start an application online here -
You must be an AOPA member to apply and approval usually takes just one business day, 

Also, don't overlook your regular bank. Banks offer personal loans, home equity loans and lines, and others, and may occasionally have "specials" they run from time to time. Since you are already a customer, it would be wise to see what your local bank has to offer. Interest rates are generally pretty low now and may be very favorable for some loan types.