Seattle area flight school / cfi recommendations
Hey all,

I'm on the hunt for a flight school or cfi to pursue my PPL. I live just south of Seattle, about 10 minutes from both Boeing Field and Renton Muni.  I've visited both Galvin and Rainier Flight Services, the two big schools in the area, and each has some pros and cons in my limited opinion.

I'm hoping there might be someone here who has trained in the area and might be able to offer some guidance.

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Seth, I can't provide current information, but  I instructed out of Boeing from 1970 to 1980 and I think you should go to Galvins (I never worked for them, BTW). They have been around since Christ was a midshipman while other operators have come and gone. I moved down to BFI from Snohomish, so I had lots of experience taking students to small airports....getting experience at a towered airport for them was just over the hill at Paine Field, so there was no value in flying students down to Boeing. I had trained for my instrument instructor and multiengine with the now-defunct Seattle Flight Service, Inc so I knew my way around Boeing and Renton's airspace. In your place I would opt for Boeing because of the traffic mix. Renton has jet departures from the Boeing company ramp but other that (and its single runway) you never got to really push the envelope at RTN. If your future plans include getting out of the local airport and adventuring, it is better to train at a big airport with excursions to smaller airports for pattern work (landing practice) so you get at least one entry into the big airport's airspace per lesson.
After I had been working at BFI for a while, if I asked a student to fly me to a small airport it was no big deal.....If I went back to Snohomish and asked a student to fly me to Boeing they would most likely find an excuse not t fly there.
Thanks Robert.  I honestly hadn't considered the merits of one airport over the other, but i can see how Boeing would provide some learning opportunities Renton wouldn't.