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Hello, AOPA members!
I live near Detroit in southeast Michigan, and I'm looking to get my sport pilot license. Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty finding a flight instructor. I've been calling around to various airports and flight schools in SE Michigan, and I haven't found an instructor so far. I am not pursuing a full private pilot license at this time, although I may in the future.

Can anyone suggest an instructor in the area or how I might find one?

Any advice is appreciated!
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Scott,

You can use this site to find a sport pilot instructor in your area:   . Though any Airplane Single Engine CFI can instruct you for your sport certificate, its the aircraft that is the tough find.

Here's another site I found, looks like there's at least three places that rent light sport aircraft in your area; .  You'll have to play with the "airplane" filter to find aircraft for rent. Here's what I found:

Here's another website that shows instructors (most with aircraft available listed), you just need to click on your state; . Hope this helps in your search.
Thanks, Hoss!
I'm following up on these resources.