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Aeronautical experience for the instrument-airplane rating-2 questions
1.  FAR 61.65 (d)(2) says "Forty hours of actual or simulated instrument time in the areas of operation listed in paragraph (c) of this section, of which 15 hours must have been received from an authorized instructor who holds an instrument-airplane rating, ..."
Question:  Does this mean that up to 25 hours can be "under the hood" time with a qualified safety pilot who is not a CFI?

2.  My EAA Chapter is installing a Redbird approved Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD).  According to 61.62 (i)(2), I can log up to 10 simulated instrument hours in this device (toward the instrument rating), if "An authorized instructor provides the instrument time in the device, ...".
Question: Does the "authorized instructor" have to be a CFII, or can it be a CFI or Ground Instructor?

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Thanks Ron.  yes, I meant 61.65(i)(2).
Hi Richard,

I'm in agreement with Ron, but I wanted to add some information as well. When using a BATD, FTD, ATD, etc. for training you have to look at the Letter of Authorization for the device, not just the regulations. From your description it sounds like you have a Redbird TD or TD2. I'm sure your EAA chapter has a copy of the LOA for your device, but just in case you don't I've attached it here;RedBird TD-TD2 BATD signed LOA (12-17-2019).pdf . I would recommend that you have a copy in hand when you go for your practical, that way there's no question if it counts or not.

You're correct though, both of those devices allow you to claim up to 10 hours towards your instrument rating. If you're using the device for currency (after you have the rating) no instructor is needed, but in your case you would need a CFII present since its training.
Thanks Hoss, yes it is a TD2 with all the bells & whistles.  Great advice on keeping a copy of the LOA.  I have saved it, and will also provide a copy to my EAA Chapter.