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Private pilot written test
Hi, I just started taking the gold seal online program and plan to take the private pilot exam in three months. Would anyone recommend any type of extra resources? Do you believe this will be sufficient to do well in the test? I plan to start flight lessons soon after and I am hoping to have a solid foundation on the material. I appreciate any info you can share. Thank you so much! 
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I'd never heard of Gold Seal before, but I looked at their web site.  Rich Sowell and Doug Stewart are pretty well known as very knowledgeable instructors providing a number of training products.  The web site suggests it's a very thorough package, and the ability to have your instructor interact with you through it seems very useful.  Beyond that, I can't say whether it's sufficient for all your ground school needs.

However, my experience suggests trying to do all the ground school before your first flight isn't a good idea no matter what grounds school you use.  Too many things (particularly in the latter stages) won't really make sense to you if you're not integrating the flight training with the ground training.  Discuss this with the instructor or school you plan to use before you get started.
Hi Lucas,

As someone who took their Instrument ground school while finishing up their Private Pilot I wholeheartedly agree with Ron. I'd recommend completing ground school while actually training in the aircraft.

Learning about a topic but not being able to apply it practically will put you at a disadvantage. Many of the concepts that you will learn need practical application/experience to actually make sense and be some use to you, without that it's just straight memorization. It would be like learning to drive by just taking driver's education, without the benefit of ever in your life being in a car or driving one. Just my 2 cents.

I would second what Ron noted. Case in point, when I started out, I bought the ground school kit and the FAR book and started reading. Assuming FAR 91 was like a novel was an incorrect assumption. There is absolutely no reason a student pilot needs to read about truth-in-leasing,  instrument flight rules, Cat 2 and 3 approaches, and pretty much anything beyond subpart E.

Discuss your plans with your instructor or school first, and obtain some guidance and direction before beginning your ground training. That way, you can focus your time and attention on what is really important to learn.