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NTSB database searching using the new CAROL tool,
Somewhat recently, the NTSB has changed their database search and everything post 2007 uses the new "CAROL" tool. Personally, I hate it. The old tool made it easy to pull up a quick list of recent accidents/incidents and select any ones that were of particular interest. I have only played around with the new search a few times, but it feels like you almost need to know what you are looking for before you start. Search results do not include aircraft types in the display, and you end up with a list of numbers and locations. Does anyone have any guides or pre saved searches they can share that would be helpful for GA types or instructors?
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Hi Charles,

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the CAROL system right now. AOPA is looking at this as well. We've been briefed that updates are coming and this is just the first stage. We've also been told that the NTSB is listening to feedback and we should see improvements in the coming months.

We are asking that anyone who has problems, or has requests, to please send that feedback to the NTSB. You can submit that feedback by clicking on this symbol (highlighted) on the CAROL site:

I'm still learning how to use the query page, which is frustrating, as once I build a search I can't figure out how to save it, or publish it. I'm hoping that subsequent versions are more user friendly and we can get back to the functionality we once had with the old system.
Awesome. It looks like some of these changes are already being made. The results are now showing aircraft type and highest injury!