Flight Training....cost
Hi All!

So, I'm trying hard to keep confident in finding an immersion program that I can attend. I'm looking for grants to pay for the immersion program. The scholarships that I've come across (pretty sure close to all), I do not qualify for. I graduated college (so not a; kid, teen, nor in high school), not interested in sitting in a university for 3 years...again lol. These in return, kind of disqualifies me from scholarships (Including AOPA). Current student loans will disqualify me from Sallie Mae (which seem to be the only one offering loans for immersion programs).

The Immersion programs that I come across (ATP and others) cost 100k. Does ANYONE with similar background know of any opportunities that can assist with this concern/issue? Or Anyone without? I want to become a commercial pilot. Possibly own my own private charter service in the distant future. Just a thought. I see some sexy jets out there and I want to hug them hahaha.

- With Eternal Energy.