Flying own airplane at a part 141 flight school
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I'm training for my IFR certification at a part 141 school.  I bought into an airplane club thinking I could save some money using the airplane for training.  The guys at the school said I have to use their airplane for training.  Is that true?
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Hi Jack,

That's correct, a 141 school has many hoops to jump through, including maintenance and aircraft requirements. You'd be amazed at how granular it can get and how unbending the FAA is in this.

Your best to find an independent CFI or a part 61 flight school if you really want to use your own aircraft.
Learning to fly is a major financial decision  The value of a 141 School is they <more times than not, have a good syllabus for training.  However, it is on you to be sure and make them stick to it.  If you are serious about training, fly 3 times a week and study every night. My son just finished his private pilot cert in 6 weeks.  He worked harder than anyone I have ever seen.  The con to a 142 school is scheduling.  You have to schedule way ahead and hope the other con (weather) doesn't distract you.

Having your own plane with an unreliable instructor with no syllabus is a NIGHT MARE!!
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Yes, it's true. Part 141 requires that the school control the aircraft used, both maintenance and operation.