Permission form for a minor to receive instruction
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I'm a new CFI with just a bit of experience, part time, at a college program.  I'm just starting instruction with a flying club, and I have a meeting with a prospective 16-year-old student and his parents next week.  

Does anyone have some kind of generic permission form to have parents sign for their child to receive flight instruction?  I've tried Googling and searching around on AOPA with no luck.  
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Hi Paul,

I would recommend that you join AOPA's Pilot Protection Services (if you haven't already) and get them to help you with this. I suspect that you are looking for not just a permission document for a minor, but also a hold harmless agreement too. You're definitely going to want a lawyer to draft something up for you that actually holds water if something were to happen. Every state is different on what is actually legally allowed in agreements and it would be well worth your time to get a lawyer's help with this one.

Details on the plan can be found here.
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You do NOT want a "generic" form. The laws vary too much from state to state for that to be a reliable solution. You need something crafted by an attorney in accordance with the laws of your state.  If you are an AOPA Legal Services Plan member, you can get assistance there.