Sporty's Learn to Fly course w/ CFI support?
Has anyone used Sporty's Learn to Fly online ground school with support from a local CFI? I'm wondering how best to incorporate my newly hired instructor's knowledge and assistance into this ground school. I have a PDF of Sporty's syllabus and have formally "shared" my progress w/ him via email, but just wondering if anyone else has tried this. Thanks!
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That's my thoughts, too. My CFI and I have agreed (at least, tentatively) to meet via Zoom once a week for an hour to discuss any questions I have and review my progress. I've noticed, also, that there is a MSFS syllabus for practicing the lessons once I've watched them and studied the corresponding material from my textbook; it almost directly mimicks the regular Sporty's syllabus, so I think I've got a fairly good routine here :)
Hi David.
I've been using Sporty's Learn to Fly Course for about 5 months along with my CFI.  He actually is the one who suggested it.  Along with the Online Course I opted for using the RedBird Simulator which is also incorporates with Sporty's.  Since my CFI agrees with most of what Sporty's teaches it has been quite easy for me to learn from.  I study at home, then come to the class with a lot of questions which he then clarifies. I will say that I now know that the Sporty's Online course is just a part of the learning process because a lot of important things are just mentioned once and not really looked deeply into.  The learning requires many more resources than what they offer in the videos.  They give you free access to FAR, Airplane Flying Handbook, Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge. These are great to learn from as mostly everything you really need to know about flying are discussed.  As suggested by many books/magazines/literature, your CFI should be the voice you listen to for reason, technique, and experience.  Another observation is that the Syllabus lends itself for "a lot of" ground time.  Each one if done properly can average over an hour of discussion.  They make a suggestion of how long that syllabus should take on the very top of the sheet which I have found to be a bit misleading.

I hope this helps.

David Gonzalez