Is it ok to create my own checklist?
Hello! I'm a student pilot and planning check-ride next month. The POH/checklists are cumbersome to flip through on the go, and I recall a previous flight school had a simple one-pager that was so much easier to use during flight (different aircraft). Also was NOT able to find checklists for purchase online for this Tecnam P2008 (there are plenty for Cessnas/Pipers e.g. mypilotstore). 

Could I make my own one-pager, leveraging info in the POH, for efficiency? Or does it need to be verbatim to be legal and pass the check-ride? 

Thanks much!
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It does not have to be identical, but it should include all the elements even if you abbreviate some of the verbiage. The FAA's concern is that you are effectively using "an appropriate" checklist to ensure all necessary steps have been taken.  See the "Use of Checklists" paragraph in the  PP-Airplane ACS, Appendix 6 (page A-17). See also FAA Order 8900.1.