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Option approach
To whom can you make one request and receive five options? ATC, of course. The option was always my favorite approach while flight training. When a pilot is cleared for the option by ATC, the pilot may make a touch-and-go, low approach, missed approach, stop and go, or full stop landing.

Great for training in that the desired outcome is chosen by the instructor, who can then evaluate how the student handles the selected option. If a student is expecting to land from an instrument approach, I can call for a missed approach as the clouds are too low. Or, if the student is expecting a missed, I can call for a landing as the scud layer suddenly disappeared from the approach end. The instructor has options and those options can test a student's ability to react and perform.

The option approach must be requested by the pilot; it is never assigned by ATC.

As the Martinsburg tower controller would say to my student "check wheels down, cleared for the option." The first was super easy in the Skyhawk, the second...not so much.