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Required flight experience for a CFI to teach in ASES
I currently hold a commercial pilot certificate, airplane single & multiengine land: instrument airplane certificate and a flight instructor certificate, airplane single engine.

If I added an airplane single engine sea to my commercial pilot certificate, my understanding is that I could teach airplane single engine sea students.

But, is there a minimum amount of experience I would need to log as PIC in an ASES aircraft before teaching students. It seems like there should be. When I took my oral for my CFI, the DPE referred to 61.183(j), if I remember correctly, and implied I would need 15 hours in that category and class before instructing. But, a close reading of that paragraph references 15 hours for the "instructor rating sought," not the privilege to teach.

G. Tom Marshall
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Hi Tom,

Your understanding is correct. There's no minimum hour requirement that I'm aware of in the regulations to do what you propose. The 15 hours is a prerequisite for a practical test for a CFI certificate or rating, which you don't need since you already hold CFI Airplane Single Engine.

That's not to say that having a good bit of experience in a type of aircraft before instructing in it wouldn't be the smart and prudent thing to do. Also, insurance may have something to say about this as well.