Best resources that you never knew existed?

What are some of the resources that you wished you knew about sooner? Don't necessarily have to be FAA resources, could be from anywhere. I'll start with this one:

Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) Information Gateway


This resource allows you to reach out to the IFP team responsible for a certain procedure and ask questions that you may not have been able to get answered otherwise. We get calls from members all the time wanting to know why a minimum has been changed, or why circling isn't allowed to a certain runway or at night. This handy tool allows you to get those answers. You just type in the identifier for the airport, find the procedure, and hit the “Email FAA” button on the far right.


What tools/resources that you've found over the years you wish you'd known about sooner?


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Not too long ago ForeFlight added daily and hourly weather to the weather tabs in the mobile app. It's so comprehensive that you can use it as your primary source of forecast weather information. Here's a link to the page that has a great video describing this feature: