Standardized Hot Spot Symbology and Verbiage

Coming May 19, 2022.

The FAA will be standardizing hot spot symbols on this date. Moving forward the FAA will have three shapes with two distinct meanings. 

  • A circle or ellipse for ground movement hot spots 
    • Placed on areas with a history of or potential risk for collision or runway incursion, and where heightened attention from airports users is necessary
  • A cylinder for wrong surface hot spots 
    • Identify an area where aircraft have attempted to depart or land on the wrong surface (runways or taxiways)


This should help pilots discern what the hot spot identifier is trying to alert you to. There are also detailed explanations of the hot spots in the Chart Supplement. 

The FAA has a good page explaining the differences between current charts and the new charts, as well as a video explaining the changes. All can be found here



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To anyone who may be interested, the FAA is putting on a webinar on this topic May 11th. Details can be found here