Helicopter pilot adding fixed wing requirements

I have a co-worker that has his rotorcraft private certificate and wants to get his fixed wing rating.  What are the requirements to add on a fixed wing rating for someone that already has a rotorcraft license?  My initial research looks like he may at a minimum need 20hrs with an instructor and 10hrs solo?

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That's essentially it, with the specifics for the various night, XC, etc., as stated in 61.109(c ).  But you won't need an additional written test.

Thanks Ron, at least he’s a little ahead already.

Since he already holds a private certificate, 61.109(a) does not call for a specific number of hours required, except as I will note here. He does need to get to solo, whatever that takes, and by regulation, he needs 3 hours dual in each of these - cross-country, night, instrument training, and test prep (can be combined as the instructor sees fit). He also needs 10 hours of solo time.

Since he is adding a category rating, 61.63(b) requires the proper aeronautical experience I noted and a flight test; a knowledge, or written, test is not required, as Ron noted.

A successful flight test will count as a flight review, and all subsequent flight reviews may be taken in either a single engine airplane or a helicopter; he need not take a flight review in both.