Gyro Hero - Gyroplane "Katas"

After reading the articles by Ian Twombly here on the AOPA web site and given that my primary interest is in gyroplanes, I found the idea of “katas” fascinating. I am a martial arts instructor (Wing Chun Kung Fu and Kali), so I am familiar with the concept.

However, I am having difficulty finding the content of the three katas Mr. Twombly mentioned in his articles. Does anyone know where I can find the list of maneuvers? My wife, who is working on her Private Pilot ASEL, likes the idea as well and would at least like to practice them on her own.

Thank you!

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@Glyn Gowing
You can find the first kata in his earlier article here.  It might need a bit of modification to adapt from gyroplane to airplane.  I can't find any description of the other two.  This concept is very similar to the Patterns A and B used in instrument training.  Some additional instrument training patterns may be found here.


@Ronald Levy
Diolch yn fawr i chi! (Thank you very much!)