Radio/Class B-C-D endorsement for Sport Pilot


Can any CFI sign someone off for the Class B-C-D / Towered airport endorsement for the Sport Pilot certificate, and can the radio stuff be done in an aircraft that is not light sport if I'm flying with a CFI?

I'm trying to figure out my options for learning to fly and I live near a towered airport (KGGG), so I sort of need to be able to earn that endorsement.


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@Glyn Gowing
The training need not be given in an LSA but it must be given in an aircraft for which the instructor has the applicable instructor category/class rating. A regular CFI can do it in an LSA but a CFI-SP can only do it in an LSA. 


@Ronald Levy
Thank you. That's what I thought, but I knew you would know for sure. :-) I'm working on plan B for eventually obtaining my Gyroplane certificate by taking a detour via Sport Pilot ASEL.