Anyone using AFTA?

I just signed up for the AOPA Flight Training Advantage (AFTA) program, but my flight school didn't know anything about it.  It looks interesting, so hopefully the information that AFTA sends to the flight school will convince them to try it out for me.  Does anyone on here use the program, and if so, was it helpful for PPL training?  

So far, my instructor has been great about what to study for the next lesson (Bravo Flight Training at KGAI).  Only 4 hours in with this instructor, but I spent 7 hours trying out different schools/instructors to make sure I was happy with my choice.  I would just like to see a history and status report as I go through the process.

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@Daniel Bissell I'm using it with my single PVT student.  I'd give it a strong B grade.  It's a fantastic idea and it mostly works very well.  But it's clearly a ‘first gen’ application.  I've seen no obivious updates to the app since it came out (perhaps I'm wrong).

My student likes it - the ‘auto’ lesson feature is awesome though I find it a tad restrictive and somewhat difficult to diverge from.  I'd prefer to teach ‘this’ before ‘that’ but the app feels differently. 

The ability to ‘grade’ and track performance inflight it pretty nice.  It's tracks my student progress nicely.

Parts of the record keeping tasks are a bit cumbersome… never remembers the plane N-number or type and thus requires it be entered EVERY lesson.  It isn't easy to make changes or correct entry mistakes.

If development continues - I believe this app (or something similar) will be come vital.

I think it's worth a try for you……


@Gary Moore and @Daniel Bissell - Thanks for taking a look at AFTA. We definitely do have ideas for what we would like to add, but we definitely want input so that we can help the user's get what they need.

You are right that updates have been on hold, but fortunately we now have a dedicated person in our IT department that is working on AFTA full time, so you should be seeing some updates in the near future.

I agree that adding some flexibility to the system will be useful and it is on our radar for development in the future.

Please let me know if we can be of assistance!