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I am a student pilot and have been unable to fly for several weeks due to the weather. I have passed my written exam, and am at the point of taking night flights and cross country trips. Are there things I can be doing to not lose ground until the weather clears?

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@Sharon Walstad you can always be studying for the Oral exam. How well do you know PAVE? 

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@Sharon Walstad
Check your written test report and study up the areas you missed.

Review the Airplane Flying Handbook for the maneuvers you've learned.

Get in the Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and review the chapters on Weather Theory and Weather Services.

Review the emergency procedures in your POH.

Find someone who can play ATC for you to practice radio comm (both tower and flight following).

“Chair fly” traffic patterns and maneuvers like turns around a point.


@Sharon Walstad I would recommend getting a home flight simulator with at least a yoke.  This will allow you to practice and stay sharp.  With the right software, you can set it up just like the plane you are taking lessons in.


@Ronald Levy

I hadn't considered the chair flying option. That will be a nice way to run through the process and think about the cockpit layout as well. Thanks for the advice.


@David Smith
I do, and the IM SAFE checklist as well. My CFI is all about planning ahead and multiple back up plans as well. I've been working on learning fuel and electronic systems, anything else you might suggest as far as the oral exam goes? This was a good suggestion….thanks.


@Gerald Gilbert
I was a little concerned that sim skills i practice might not transfer well to real life (or worse, conflict with what I already learned). You seem to think this isn't a problem. Is there a software package you like particularly?