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Brian, hello I am a student pilot and will have my PPL in a few months.. I’m from Phila/NJ area and I’m looking to buy into an airplane... budget 600-800 month.. let me know if anyone is selling
Hello I’m Brian... looking to buy into an aircraft 
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Hey Brian, 
Here are a couple of suggestions that may help. There are 4 online marketplaces for used aircraft that I've used:

You can search these sites based on the make/model/price etc that you're looking for. And if you register on the sites, they will send you daily or weekly email updates with any new listings.
Also, alot of planes that may be for sale, never show up on these sites. You might find these deals by hanging around your local airport, talking to mechanics, FBO operators etc.
Good luck on your search,and, congratulations (in advance) on obtaining your private license.
Think about getting a hangar space for it before actually buying the plane. It may be harder to find than a plane.
Hi Brian, 
I got my PPL in 1990 and have owned a share of a 1968 Cardinal, 1979 Mooney M20K, Kitfox N2280J (sole owner), and now 1/4 of a Cherokee 180.   My suggestion is to network locally and carefully checkout your potential partners.  The Cardinal came about after mentioning over dinner with my CFII that I was thinking of purchasing an airplane in partnership with another pilot.  He mentioned that he had another student was making similar comments.  Rick and I owned N3212T for 2 years until he bought bought my share and purchased the Mooney with a good friend from work.  Phillip and I bought N39MG on a handshake and flew it for 15 years.  We’re still best friends and had many adventures together.  

I purchased the Kitfox on my own and obtained a hangar at Craig Executive in Jacksonville FL. I  flew N2280 for 5 years and added about 500 hours.  Great fun but probably the most expensive aircraft I have owned.  It cost me about $5000 a year for hangar and insurance but I never regretted.  

I currently own 1/4 of a Cherokee 180 based at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville FL.  I bought into an existing partnership.  I got the lead from a note on the FBO bulletin board.  I convinced the other members to set the partnership up as an LLC to facilitate change of ownership.  We pay $200 per month towards fixed expenses and annual inspection costs, and $20/hour towards an engine reserve.  
Regards, John
Have you considered joining a flying club? I previously lived in Wilmington, DE and there are several flying clubs in your area. AOPA can help you find one. 
Hello and ty for the replies... I’ll keep looking .. good news I passed written exam for Private Pilot today.. now for the check ride after more training