Do GPS database updates need to be logged?
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It’s that time of the month again, time to update your panel mounted GPS database. Every 28 days or so you go out to the airport, pull the data card out of your GPS, drive home, update it, and drive back to the airport to replace it in the GPS. After doing this you’re all done, right? This doesn’t need to be entered into the aircraft logs, or does it?
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AOPA Staff Answer
As of January 28, 2013 updating databases for self-contained, front panel or pedestal mounted GPS units became a non-maintenance task, which is not required to be logged. Before this date, database updates were listed under preventative maintenance and had to be recorded in the aircraft logs. FAR 43.3(k) covers what conditions must be met so that the updates are not considered maintenance. If you wanted to know more about why the FAA arrived at this decision and the history behind it you can read the final rule in the Federal Register (