Does anyone know of an interactive GPS/moving map simulator?
I'm retraining after a long layoff.  I want to be able to confidently operate equipment in the aircraft that I'm not accustomed to.  I'm good with tech but I don't want to be learning how to operate GPS and moving map and other digital nav aids only in flight when I could perhaps get familiarised via a computer simulator.  I am not looking for a flight simulator, merely an interactive cockpit, if such a thing exists.  It's been so long since I last flew (18 years) that I haven't even flown a C172 with an autopilot.  I'm one of these people who likes to be able to use the equipment in the aircraft so I'd really value some kind of interactive aid.  Thank you!
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Any particular GPS?  There are several simulators it there for specific GPS's like the Garmin 430/530 or 650/750, Apollo/UPSAT GX series, some of the Bendix/King units, etc.
See the PC Trainer Suite from Garmin. It's free and gives you practice with different combinations of GPS navigators and electronic flight displays:

Garmin also offers free iPad-based trainers for the GTN series in the Apple App Store:
I would definitely recommend you use your phone and/or tablet and go to the app store, download and purchase iFly GPS.  It's got a simulator if you want one, it's very easy to use, it's real, and if you have a question, you call and talk to a real person!  Best of all, it's cheaper than Foreflight, or any of the Garmin products.  If you want to use your computer to check what they have available it's  
Many thanks for the helpful responses, guys.
Greetings Barry,

I've owned the iFly GPS and find it to be very easy to use, inexpensive to maintain, and most importantly, the staff runs a forum similar to this one where users can go and ask questions, seek advice, and provide suggestions for changes to the EFB.

They offer a trial membership at no cost - worth a try.  I did and never looked back. Been a iFly user for 5+ years now. It just keeps getting better!

I buy the app each year, VFR and IFR...well worth it.  You can buy a device from them already loaded - up to you.  

Yes, it is ready to take your ADSB in data and also includes synthetic vision with 3-axis accuracy as a night/IFR back-up (not primary).

I am attaching a few photos of it below as it appears on my Samsung tablet mounted on my yoke.

Regards from Carlisle, PA...N94.

Mike N714AJ

That's a nice portable EFB/GPS device, but it's not a simulator for an installed GPS like Barry wants.