Rear Seat Child Options
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I have a 7-year old that uses a booster seat in the car and in the plane when sitting in the front of our flying clubs PA-28-180; however, I'm wondering if there is any decent solution for the rear seats? This a/c, along with 2 of the other 3 a/c in the club, have no shoulder straps in the rear seats. To me it's a shame no one makes a Forward-facing "convertible" seat for children of this size/age (these seats often are compatible with lap-belt only installs, and thus I assume work well in the back of a plan adding a lot of protection for children that can use them, including a full harness).

I've done a lot of Googling, but nothing satisfying. I did find an old AOPA article today that talked about how well child seats (non-booster) work in the rear seats of GA planes, including several stories of children surviving with minor to no injuries with this configuration (often with adult fatalities).

One solution would be to encourage the club to install rear harnesses/shoulder straps, but former research on this for an M20C left me with the conclusion that it is difficult and sometimes impossible.

Does anyone have some creative solutions to this problem?
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Can you find a good/used child seat that was designed for only a lap-belt ? That would be legal and tested/auto wise. 
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I haven't been able to find any that can be used by my 7-year old as she is too tall and heavy for anything other than a booster. There are semi-modern options for kids less than ~40-60lbs.