Panel AND Annual - what order would you chose
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A 1979  Cessna 182Q with a vintage six-pack.  We're considering a complete avionics overhaul - something like a Garmin 3X dual screen with autopilot.  The Annual is also due in a couple of months.

Would you do the annual first and then send it to the avionics shop - or the other way around?
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I think I'd rather have the annual done after the avionics work.  Better, I think to have the aircraft maintenance folks look the bird over AFTER the avionics folks have torn it apart and then put it back together.
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Two ways to look at this, probably depends on how you are doing your annual and your confidence in the avionics shop.

If your annual lapses while in the avionics shop and that shop if at another field, then you'll have issues dealing completing the annual.  If you have lingering issues/squawks from the avionics shop, you'll want to be able to test fly and keep on the avionics shop to make it right.  You don't want to have to take it away for awhile for the annual then go back.

On the other hand, if you cross a month on the calendar while in the avionics shop, you lost a free month on your annual if you did  the annual first.  If you like to keep your annual the same time of year and don't slide with the calendar months, then this doesn't matter.

Personally, I'd do the annual first, then poke around with my IA when I get it back from the avionics shop.  Just enough to be confident in the work from the avionics shop so you don't find out a full year later that they need to address something.