Continental Engine overhaul
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Continental 0-470-S engine is nearing time for overhaul. I own a car repair business and we been using a machine shop for decades to overhaul our car engines. Can they do the overhaul or does it have to go to a FAA certified machine shop?
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Matthew

An A&P mechanic that is experienced with engine overhauls can potentially work with a machine shop to use their equipment to do dimension checking, but I would definitely send components like the case, rods, crank and cam to a certified shop. There is no way I'm aware of that a shop that is unfamiliar with Continental's prescribed grinding, polishing, ultrasonic and magnaflux processes can get those items checked and reworked in the correct way.
The A&P that is overhauling your engine should be in full control of all "outsourced" processes
Also, bear in mind that TBO is a manufacturer's recommendation and not a hard limit, unless you are providing the aircraft for hire.

Thanks for taking the time and explaining!