Piper Cherokee
Is there an AD for Piper Cherokee's for wing spar inspection? Is it only certain models and serial numbers?
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No -- at least, not yet.  The FAA proposed an AD for a wing spar inspection for pretty much all PA28/32-series aircraft in December 2018, but AFAIK it has not yet been made final, so no action is required yet.

There are two issues - the big one is the need for inspections following the fatal wing seperation accident in Florida a year or so ago.

There us an already scheduled inspection Piper SB1006 - I have had it done twice on my PA28 now - it is not an AD but it is a service bulletin - goes with the replacing the fuel hoses - from every one I have spoken with I may be the only owner who actually does it, have found similar vintage airplanes to mine still flying on thirty year plus hoses.