piper Tomahawk
Good Evening folks. So i have decided to buy an aircraft to build my hours towards the ATP,  i have been doing lot of research and after months of my research i have decided to buy piper tomahawk, aircraft has TT 6000, 1600SOH, has ADSB and King IFR. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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Find someone local who's owned a few airplanes to mentor you through the process of buying an airplane.  There are whole books written on the process and even those won't catch all the potential pitfalls, but you can start here:


That said, you'd be a lot better off finding a pilot job to build those hours even if it's only towing banners or hauling parachute jumpers.  All told, based on my 40+ years of aircraft ownership experience putting almost 5000 hours on four different light planes, you'll probably spend $75-100,000 dollars building 1000 hours in your own plane.
Thank you for your help! I ended up buying PA28 140 :)