Swinging A Vertical Card Compass
How to do it?  Mine is mounted in the panel and I cannot see if there are any magnets or other adjusting mechanisms on the bottom or behind.  It's 35+ degrees off.  Betcha Mike Bush knows.  Thanks.
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What make/model compass?  Here are the instructions for two:

Falcon MCVC-2: https://www.falcongauge.com/UploadDrivers/2013617151654745.pdf
PAI 700: http://rotorsport.org/upload/Compass calibration.pdf

But if it's panel-mounted, the adjustment screws are probably hidden by the panel.  I suspect that's why you don't see many panel-mounted mag compasses.  I suppose you could take it out of the panel, adjust it, and then return it, but that might negate the accuracy of the adjustment.  You might also contact the manufacturer for advice.