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Sonex Xenos - need A&P in Pittsburgh, PA vicinity that can do a pre-buy/condition inspection
Answered By AOPA
I am pursuing the purchase of a Sonex Xenos in the vicinity of Pittsburgh, PA . I am looking for an A&P who can do a pre-buy/condition inspection/annual condition inspection on a Sonex Xenos with a AeroVee 2.1. Preferably the A&P will have at least Sonex experience and experimental aircraft inspection experience. Thanks, Rob
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AOPA Staff Answer
Hi Robert,

You may want to try your question with the Sonex specific groups. Owners groups are a wealth of information when it comes to questions about a specific make/model, especially when you're looking for the type of information you are. Here are two pages that I found: You may end up having to have a Sonex builder (non-mechanic) help with the inspection because of their experience with the specific model. Good luck on your purchase and search.