New LSA Regulations coming anytime soon?
Does anyone know the status of the New LSA Regulations that will allow higher gross weights and inclusion of Electric/Hybrid power?  Why is this taking so long?
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Todd Tracy:
 Why is this taking so long?

The Administrative Procedure Act of 1946.  Just think how long it took to get the original LSA/Sport Pilot rules written.  Now they have to justify relaxing all the limits they previously said were necessary for safety -- a difficult task.

Todd, I sure hope you are not holding your don't want to be like the guys who quit in '02 awaiting the DL medical only to find out that what they got was Basic med and they had to get the S.I.,  B4 they could..... :(
Hopefully soon..  I'm not sure what actually takes so long at the FAA...  if this were a private business the process would be done in 2 weeks. The only excuse I have gotten is "you must not have worked with a federal agency before".   The current rules make flying more dangerous, in my opinion, since the airframes are more fragile and the lighter weight actually makes the planes harder to fly.  And there are so many great "ultralight" category planes in Europe that must be dumbed down and nerfed so that they can meet the U.S. LSA requirements.  
Thomas Atlas:
Hopefully soon..  I'm not sure what actually takes so long at the FAA...

As I said a month ago, "The Administrative Procedure Act of 1946". It's just not as simple as having some write some rules and then publishing them.  If you're not familiar with the process, and the reasons this was done in the first place (primarily to prevent special interest from railroading regulation through agencies for their own benefit).  You might want to read these: