Looking for Partner/Partners in Boca Raton/Lantana/Pompano area.
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Hi Everyone,
In my efforts to find an aircraft to purchase, I realized that a partnership might be a better way to go.  I am looking to purchase a Piper with above average Useful load but with fixed gear.  So a Saratoga, Cherokee 235/236, Cherokee 6, etc..  I have found a few nice ones available, but would consider partnering with one or two people in the purchase.  If you are interested, please get in touch.  I am only interested in those folks that can purchase there portion of the airplane without a lien on the airplane.  In other words, personal financing is fine, but not with the airplane as collateral.  I am pretty meticulous about maintenance but flexible with needs/wants.  I look forward to meeting some folks.
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Hi Robert,

You may want to post your topic in the PIC online marketplace "co-ownership" section. Here's the link; https://pic.aopa.org/co-ownership .  We apologize for not seeing this earlier, hopefully you'll get some interest in that portion of the site and good luck with your partnership.
Hi Rob, 
I'm a Skylane owner, based on FXE. 
I would consider a like minded person as a partner. I own my Skylane 8 years now, have been an owner for 35 years now. I know ownership vs/ flying. Safety 1st. 
Capt Gary 
Hi Robert,
  Hope all is well. I am also looking at the Saratoga and would be interested in talking about co-ownership. I can self-finance and am located close to a Klna but Boca is doable. Let me know if your are still looking.
Regards, Benny