GNX 375 to EFB - is this possible?
As a pilot returning to airplane ownership after 15 years, I see many things have changed! My first airplane was a 1963 C182 with the original panel and the addition of a functional Narco nav/com, which I had for 20 years. During my recent return to currency I've been using Seattle Avionics FLYq EFB and a Dual XGPS170D for ADS-B in for moving map and traffic in a rental C172, so I have some of the concepts down. I've purchased a C182Q which has the Garmin GNX375, but I'm unclear if I can connect its data to an iPad (bluetooth) to let me use a larger screen. It seems FLYq would require the continued use of the portable Dual unit, but I'd like to use the panel mount as a source if I can. Is there a program which will work for me?
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It doesn't work with FlyQ.  It does work with Garmin Pilot or FlighPlan Go.  See and scroll down to "Cockpit Integration" or call Garmin Tech Support for details.